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St. Louis.

The perfect getaway ……… all within reach……..

Chapter President’s Report,  June 2010
St. louis chapter held its bi-annual joint NATMA-NATPA dinner meeting in April 2010. We’ve a very exciting and inspiring program with special inviting guest speaker: Dr. Samual Shee
As most of our physician collegues might have known Dr. Shee for his distinguished medical career as great accomplished Pathologist and retired early at age 55 to follow his heart & inspiring by the God for his second owe-instrucked & life worthy artistic painting endevour. He has shared his very own personal experience and deep religious commitment in his persue of life’s significance. He built a model Musee in his Chicago suburban home. He is presently well established and renouned international artist for his innovative concept, expression, and interpretation of the classic and modern paintings. He cares so dearly about the artistic education and experience for the young and newer generation around the world and in Taiwan in particular. For the coming years, he’s disclosed his idea and grand wish of creating a Taiwanese Culture Center in Eastern Taiwan for all aspects of art disciplines.
He will host a special talk of his experiences and exhibition of his paintings at our coming annual national NATMA meeting in St. Louis this September 16-19, 2010. Everybody is encouraged to attend and shared with his inspiration & excitement.
As of September 19, after our meeting, there will be a welcome home party of our local joint NATMA-NATPA, TAA. NATEA & NATWA meetinig in honor of Dr. & Professor C. Y. Hsu.